We are Deirdre and Gabriel Mercier. We are located on a small farm in North Rustico, PE. Gabriel is originally from the Eastern Townships in Quebec and myself, this is my home.

In a nutshell, we got married in 2013; our son Marcel was born in 2014; we made the move from Nova Scotian military divers to Prince Edward Island sheep farmers in 2015; and our second son Maurice was born in December 2016. Our lives have been a version of slight chaos for the last 3 years however we are now starting to see the fruits of our labor of which we are quite proud. Please take a read to see where we started, how we are doing and where we are going with all of this.

We hope you enjoy.




  1. Romeo Gallant · August 7

    My wife and I are looking forward ti a visit. We will be home end of Augaust. What is the best time of day to come buy and what days are best?


    • babiesnsheep · August 9

      Our farm shop is open on Fridays and Saturdays 11-3. 128 Line Rd. North Rustico. You can also contact us via Facebook@rusticosheep. Thank you


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